Mona Series

MyFryer assoc. P.P.C.I.

MyFryer's Mona Series were re-engineered in close cooperation with the customer and manufacturer.
Both the built-in fryers and freestanding fryers were analyzed and reworked to provide the most efficient solution possible.

The built-in fryers were reduced in pieces, assembly time and total cost.
Everything is made in high quality stainless steel so that the end customer has not only a beautiful looking product but also a durable product.
The appliance consists of 4 models based on the power of the appliance and each with on- or remote control unit.

Huho Design was also responsible for creating quality marketing renders so that the end customer gets a good idea of the product.​

The first stage of development is followed by a first prototype that gives a first idea of the product. By going over it with the customer, the pain points come to the surface and with the feedback we were able to continue the development tailored to the customer.