Designregio Kortrijk / Fluvius

Huho researched the possibilities with old meter covers. 
Fluvius is in a transition to replace old meters with digital meters, which generates tons of old material. We focused on recovering polycarbonate with a flame retardant adjective (900 tons) and the Polyamide plugs present in the lids (20 tons). 

We investigated different avenues and due to the given constraints, we came to the conclusion that in the best case, both financially and circularly, we transformed the lids into new granules.
Due to the high level of contamination of the lids-and the container they are deposited in-there was a need to sensitize both Fluvius employees and subcontractors.

The cost incurred by Fluvius to burn the plastics as high-calorific waste was transformed into a profitable recycling process.
To date, the old meter covers are collected and processed into black granulate. This in turn is mixed with new material so that we can injection mold useful products again with this plastic.